From the first moment until the last ;)

Since you hire our services until we take them out, you will experience four different moods:

1) Tranquility

Our intention from the first moment on is to provide good care and to resolve all doubts

2) Dream

From the first day of work onwards you will feel excited about the future work completed when you observe the professionalism of our workers and the quality of materials.

3) Confidence

As the work progresses, the quality of work will give you full confidence.

4) Satisfaction

Once we have finished the work you will be 100% satisfied with Construcciones Hermanos Paredes Oliver.

Some examples of our work

In the following, you can see some of our work, focusing on a finished Villa, an exclusive design barbecue, an entrance made of the natural stone "Tosca" with an over 200 years old Indian door.

Our Services

In our services one can appreciate our professionalism when dealing with exquisite materials like tosca, clay, granite, marble and so on.

We advise you when buying your property

We help you to define the reforms needed before buying a second hand property. You will know without surprises the final cost.